Cascade People's Center Giving Garden

Alleycat Acres is working together with the YMCA Cascade People's Center to renovate their grounds into a thriving community giving garden. Cascade is one of the richest neighborhoods in the city yet some people here don’t have enough to eat. We are the home to refugees, multi-national billion dollar businesses, world class research facilities and people without shelter. At the center of this amazingly diverse neighborhood is the beautiful, yet severely underutilized, Cascade Playground. We, along with many Seattle leaders, recognize the importance of this area as a resource and a great potential jewel for community engagement. What the neighborhood needs is more collaboration, more shared purpose, communication, and community!

This partnership includes many exciting neighborhood agencies: Cascade P-patch, Spruce Street School, and Immanuel Community Services Food Bank

Visit any Monday between 4-7 or contact Allison to get involved!

309 Pontius Ave N, Seattle WA 98109