MLK + Cherry:

This farm was under cultivation from 2011 to 2015. It was a beautiful site with lots of exciting projects, including chickens, a custom greenhouse, and hugelkulture beds. We'd like to send thanks to everyone who took part (especially the farm managers Leah and Evan). We redistributed all the plants and materials to our other farms. Volunteers from City Fruit moved several fruit trees to new sites throughout the city, including the orchard at Jose Rizal Park.



22nd + Union:

One of our first farms, founded in January 2010 near the corner of 23rd and Jackson. This farm hosted many collaborators, including Garfield High, Seattle Academy, and Cornerstone. Many thanks to Sean, Paul, and Fisher for keeping this farm spic and span in the heart of the Central District. You can find beloved materials and plants from this farm at their new homes on 26th + Marion and 24th + Main.



Our first farm! This site was donated by the land owner and lovely neighbor Garry in 2010. This was where Alleycat Acres' philosophy first took root and began donating produce to the Beacon Hill Food Bank. Over the years this gorgeous plot overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascades has been managed by Kate Kurtz, Allison Rinard, Kyla Rudnick, and several dedicated volunteers. We partnered with Rainier Valley Food Bank to donate thousands of pounds of fresh local goodies per year. We also hosted bees on the farm thanks to Bob Redmond of Urban Bee Co. This farm retired July 2016, but many of it's plants live on at our new Wetmore Community Garden.